On dealing with bad moods

What Is Wrong With You?

A guide for those who have no idea

By then, people were retracting from me and I didn’t even know why. I didn’t think I had changed. But, deep down, I felt grey. Then my boss walks into my office, a few days after my debacle with a major client, and begins a conversation that rebooted the play between my senses and emotions. It was actually a conversation I knew that I needed to have with myself but hadn’t mustered the courage to. She walks in and says “This has gone on for too long Daniel, what is wrong with you?”

When did this feeling really begin?

The past is powerful enough to shape our future. Still, we have the power to build from the past.

It’s hard to go through, you know. You grow with someone you completely love and all of a sudden, they disappear from the face of the earth. Then you’ve got to struggle to pull yourself together because you can’t weep in front of your kids who are also grieving.

My boss is an exceptional woman. She walked me through my thoughts and made me realize that the heart of this bad energy I was giving off, was really the death of my wife. I kind of knew what it was, but failed to acknowledge it. I ended up blaming the other little fragments for my pain.



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