Success Isn’t Fair, And Here’s Why

A look at Nokia and human Intelligence

There was a new kid on the block. Apple. It was the cool kid that made the neighbours (consumers) laugh and always brought a new keg to the party. Who wouldn’t want to be around that!

To shed more light on Nokia’s demise, let’s look at a 2015 study conducted by professors Timo O. Vuori and Quy N. Huy.

QDOS was a pioneer of personal-computer operating systems that was demoted by Microsoft. Myspace was an earlier online social network that preceded Facebook. AltaVista, a pioneer of Internet search, was demoted by Google.

Pioneer brands (PB) often lose to innovator brands (IB) that introduce ease to consumers. The PBs create a novel product, they excel for years, then another industrial revolution sets in, the comfortable PBs cling to their intuition and fear to bring in something new that could ruin their market position, an IB comes into the market with a modern product, consumers punish the PB for not adapting and innovating, the IB scales, the PB gets kicked out.

Intelligent behaviour is a balanced twinning of these different intellectual abilities. This will result in successful intelligence within particular sociocultural contexts.



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